Your Favorite Tools, Integrated

Organize events more efficiently, without having you to learn new tools, or re-enter data again and again.

Office Tools
    Google Calendar

    Create Google Calendar events for your event, or sub-events. Allow participants to quickly add interested event, or registered event to their calendar.

    Google Sheets

    Get registrations data in real-time in your Google Sheets. Connect your Google Sheet with your event, or sub-events, and get all registrations data updated to this sheet as soon as a participant registers.

Email Service
    Amazon SES
    Microsoft Outlook
SMS Service
    Microsoft Clarity
    Google Analytics
    Facebook Pixel
Social Media

    Allow participants to add their certificate to their LinkedIn profile, with a forever-valid link to their certificate, and also to share their certificate on LinkedIn.

    Allow participants to share your event, or sub-events on LinkedIn, quickly with a social share buttons across your event website. Our webpages are optimized for LinkedIn sharing.

    X (Twitter)

    Allow participants to Register / Login with WhatsApp to your event, or sub-events. Without needing any password, SMS OTP, your participants can quickly register to your event, at the same time you get their verified WhatsApp number.

    Send bulk notifications to your participants on directly on WhatsApp, using UlsavNudge.

    Google Maps

    Use Google Maps to show location of your event, or sub-events. Allow participants to quickly navigate to the event location.