Code of Ethics


Restricted Events

Ulsav has a very strong no-racism policy. If an event performs any form of discrimination on the basis of race / colour / creed / language, it is prohibited on the Ulsav platform and Sites.

If your event features, showcases, or involves usage of cryptocurrency, stock-trading, or any other form of financial advices, you are required to explicitly put a disclaimer on your event page, stating that Ulsav is not responsible for any financial losses that may occur due to the event, alongside a general advisory to the participants to use their own discretion while participating in the event.

Events belonging to the following categories are prohibited from being organized using our Sites:

  1. Events with NSFW content – Events that include adult content / NSFW content / mature content of any form are strictly banned.
  2. Events related to tobacco / vape – Ulsav does not endorse addictions or any addictive elements. As such, we do not work with any events that showcase/launch/promote tobacco (of any variety) and vape products.
  3. Events related to gambling – From lotteries and internet gambling, from sports betting/forecasting to raffle draws, from casino events and challenges/chance-based contests to bookmakers’ meetings – our Sites cannot be associated with any form of gambling events.
  4. Events showcasing alcohol and/or illegal drugs – We neither support, nor collaborate with, events that promote alcoholic beverages, marijuana products, illegal drugs, OTC medications, age-restricted products, and e-liquids.
  5. Religious/Cult events – Any event that promotes/refutes any particular religion or religions, OR spreads any type of cult beliefs/activities cannot be organised on our event platform.

If your event has sponsorship from companies that in the business of tobacco, alcohol, gambling, betting, NSFW content, or any other restricted category, you shall not be allowed to promote, in any extent, these sponsors through our Sites.

If you are unsure about whether your event or sponsor is allowed on our platform, please contact us at [email protected].

In certain special cases, some events can be permitted to use our platform, ONLY AFTER TAKING OUR CONSENT IN WRITING. Ulsav reserves the right of banning any event immediately, if it is found to be violating the above regulations. Amounts paid, if any, in such instances, will be non-refundable.

Restricted Activities & Content

Event organizers are responsible for ensuring that their events, and any content or material posted by them, or otherwise contributed by participants on their event Site provided by Ulsav, is not in violation of the following policies -

No harmful or dangerous content: Any content which incites or promotes violence, that may cause physical or emotional harm or that may endanger the safety of any individual or is otherwise objectionable is strictly prohibited.

No hateful or defamatory content: We realise that there may be instances of exchange of ideas and opinions which is essential in the learning process, while we agree that individuals have the right to voice their opinion, we do not encourage or tolerate any form of hate speech or statements that are libelous, slanderous, threatening, violent, predatory, defamatory, or any statement that incites hatred against specific individuals or groups with respect to but not limited to race or ethnic origin, country caste, religion, disability, gender, age, sexual orientation/gender identity etc.

Violent and graphic content: Any content whose sole objective is to sensationalise, shock or disturb individuals is not allowed. We do not allow any content that promotes terrorist acts or incites violence, to be uploaded on the Site in any manner.

If you are an event organizer, you are required to strictly forbid, and immediately remove any content or activity on your event Site that violates the above policies.

Ulsav has no obligation to monitor any content that appears on the Site or review any conduct occurring through the Site, including any content as well as interactions posted by Event Organizers / Participants, however, if Ulsav receives notice or becomes aware of, any violation of the Agreement, then, Ulsav reserves the right to refuse you access to the Site, terminate accounts, terminate event Sites or remove such violating content at any time.

If you see an event that violates this policy, please report it to us immediately.